Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Place the lid. Take the stock pot lid and put it above the colander or strainer. If there is steam escaping from anywhere on the lid, use the aluminum foil to seal it in. The rice needs whatever steam and moisture generated by the boiling water to cook it and Hermes Lindy 30 Black

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Understand rice to water ratio. You'll need water to cook the steamed rice and the common ratio is 1 cup of water for every cup Hermes Bag 2017 Price of rice you intend to cook. Refer to the rice's packaging instructions for details and correct ratio information.

Place colander on the stock pot. Place the strainer with the rice above the stock pot. Make sure that the colander makes a seal on the lip of the pot so that the moisture and steam do not escape. Make sure that the water level in the stock pot do not come up to the colander or strainer.

Prepare the rice. Pour your rice into the colander or strainer. Sift through the rice grains and remove any stray unhusked grains or pebbles.

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Colander or strainer (always use steel mesh for this as you will be putting the colander or strainer in a hot pot. You need to pick a colander or strainer where the rice grains won't fall through)

Stock pot's lid

Fill the pot. Take your water and pour them into the stock pot. For every six cups of water, add a tsp. of salt.

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

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Steamed rice is a great side dish! It has plenty of carbs so you're full of energy after eating steamed rice. Rice is also a grain so there are great amounts of fiber in it that will result in a Hermes Lindy Bag Brown

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

you need to seal those in so that the rice cooks evenly.

Cook it well. Lower the heat to medium low then allow the rice to cook for 20 minutes to about an hour. Resist the temptation to peek inside by lifting the lid as you need the steam and the moisture inside to cook the rice evenly. Uneven cooked rice will have soft grains and crunchy ones in each spoonful so its best you leave it alone until after an hour.

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

best way to prepare rice is to steam it with a rice cooker or in your Teflon pot. But there are ways to still get the goodness of steamed rice even without a steamer.

fuller stomach. The whole continent of Asia swears by this grain because it is a staple to the diets of many countries, cultures and religions.

Set the pot to heat. Put your stock pot on one of the stove's burners and put it above medium heat. Bring it to a boil.

´╗┐How To Steam Rice Without a Steamer

Large stock pot

Hermes Bag 2017 Price

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