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I swapped to make Wireless on the top of the list, rebooted, but still the wired connection took precedence. In the following:

Switching to wired on the one with Internet is not an option.

2. Wireless

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Hermes Bag Fabric

My computer wired to router Other computer

even more difficult.

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I was wondering if you might have other ideas? Thanks!

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Checking settings using using ipconfig (with both connections established) provides the following data:

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In both cases, I can connect via IP address to the other computer and wireless router but I could not access the Internet.

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An image of the current settings:

´╗┐How to select wireless has Internet over wired no Internet Solved

Go to Start, and in the search input field, type "cmd" (no quotes), and hit enter.

wireless to router modem Internet

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Hermes Bag Fabric

1. Wired

3. Remote (no idea what this is)

Looking at the network configuration as described, I see the above. wired connections were already below the wireless ones, (though I did move the virtual wireless 3 connection below the 2, Hermes Bag Fabric something I don't imagine is significant here.) In any case, this provided no route to solve the problem.

We're at that point where I need to see how the PC's configured. I've been making several assumptions about default gateway IP, subnets, etc., and maybe those assumptions are wrong.

How do I get my computer to prioritize the wireless connection to maintain Internet access? Currently, when I connect the LAN cable, I get disconnected over the Internet. It is as if it is trying to channel the Internet traffic to the wired connection without the Hermes Constance White

I am connected wirelessly to the one with Internet and I am wired to the other (no Internet).

back to the original configuration as well, before you made any changes. If you make too many changes from the defaults, and I 'm not aware of them all, it will make it Hermes Victoria Ii Bag

The reason this is happening is that both network connections have a default gateway. But Windows only recognizes one as the default gateway (it wouldn't be a default if it didn't, right?). But unfortunately, as you suspected, the wired connection presently has precedence over the wireless connection. On the Network Connections dialog, hit Alt (to expose the menu bar), go to Advanced >Advanced Settings, and you'll see a list of network connections. Make sure the wireless is listed first. On the Network Connections dialog, hit Alt (to expose the menu bar), go to Advanced >Advanced Settings, and you'll see a list of network connections. Make sure the wireless is listed first. Save and reboot.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried this earlier this morning but unfortunately, I could not make it work. From the following order:

I searched more about my problem and encountered something about the Default Gateway. It involved unchecking the automatic metrics setting and assigning a lower number metric for the wireless and the higher number metric for the wired connection. Although this made me connect to the Internet, I could not access the other computer.

One is connected to the Internet (wireless), the other is not.

I only want to use the wired connection just to connect to a specific device in the other network, so I'll just input the address of that PC directly.

Since this appears fairly recent, I thought I might tag along on this one. I'm currently using a WLAN for the internet connection. When I plugged in another router (another wireless router I am configuring), the internet connection ceased to function, presumably due to windows 7 prioritizing the wired connection. Removing the cable immediately restored connectivity.

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Hermes Bag Fabric

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