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I am not sure if this does exactly what I think it does but it seems like its working just like Hardware Raid.

Because else, if it couldnt convert, then you'd have to reinstall the entire system as soon as one of your harddrives crashes, isnt this exactly what Raid1 was meant to prevent?

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

Control Hermes Kelly Crocodile Bag

Then Hermes Card Holder

panel / System management / Computer management / Disk management

Hardware raid needs a special motherboard which is compattable with raid or else a raid card (Like a graphics card).

I dont wanne be working on a system of which I 'think' it works till the day one of my disks breaks down and it appears not to work atall.

blank were it used to display the HDDs

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

Please any help is much appreciated!

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

To setup hardware raid (So to choose which disk gets mirrored with what) you have to go trough the bios or some kind of bootable media. (Since it has to be set up before anything is installed on either hdd.)

I can see my RAID disk in 'my computer' as i used to but there is no proof of it being "healthy". On startup my BIOS would display the HDDs and whether they were "healthy" or "degraded" and i also have an nVidia control panel that shows storage/RAID which is now Hermes Clutch Price

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

Anyone got a clue if I am correct?

Software raid can be turned on after the OS has been installed (Actually it has to be since its part of the OS). Seems like Win7 prof and higher (So everything except home) has the software raid possibility in it by default.

Can someone please elaborate on what Damorian is getting at? Or can you yourself help enlighten me, mate. I have recently changed motherboards and cannot re establish my RAID 1. The motherboard manufacturers themselves(Gigabyte) recommended starting from scratch by re formatting them(2x 1TB Seagates with approx. 400GB of data) due to the different chipset/sata/raid controllers! I assumed i could just re enable it in BIOS, match up the HDDs and remaking the array, then choose my boot disk(a separate 400GB HDD running Windows 7 OS). I did a similar thing before going from XP to Win7.

Hardware raid goes trough the motherboard and needs to be setup before the OS is installed trough the BIOS.

As far as I know there are two kinds of raid. Software raid and hardware raid.

The thought of formatting both disks seems totally unfeasible and making the whole point of employing RAID totally pointless!?! Surely i can re format just one and re establish the mirror? Otherwise i am thinking it is more advantageous running them both separately and trying to remember to back up to both, forgetting about RAID altogether.

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

The power of Raid1 is that if one disk fails you can take it out, trow it away, buy another disk, insert it and then it would automaticly convert the existing data to the new disk. Right?

u have to convert the disk to Dynamic and then you have the option "Mirror disk"

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

´╗┐How to setup Raid 1 on existing System 7

Now here is the part which I dont know and where your problem lies; what to do if one of your hdd's breaks down and you want to re complete your raid array with a new hdd? I think there should be a Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain solution but I sure havent found it yet, I would say there is some way to 'restore raid array' since else the entire point of raid 1 would be useless. However I do think its very possible that this 'restore raid array' option is only useable when you use the same hardware, which isnt possible in your case.

Hermes Evelyne Bag Etain

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