Hermes Lindy Gray

So I went to an Arco and aired up.

Hermes Lindy Gray

Hermes Lindy Gray

Hermes Lindy Gray

Q Please clarify the law regarding getting air for my tires. I stopped at a Chevron station and asked to have the air turned on and this discussion ensured:

through a program that includes exercises on a skid pad and through a slalom course. He says:

Me: "I didn't buy any gas."

Q Don't Hermes Kelly Cut Bag In Swift

Q When you write about driving out of a skid, could you say something about the recommendation of every tire and vehicle manufacturer that the best rubber should be on the rear tires of a car? This advice does not get down to all tire distributors. When only two tires are purchased, they must go on the rear for safety. If a car is going to skid, it is best that it skid on the front wheels, which is potentially recoverable. Some places won't even put two new tires anywhere except the rear. But I hate arguing with folks, so we put them wherever they want them."

Hermes Lindy Gray

Me: "It's the law. You have to provide it."

A Introducing Scott the Car Clinic Guy, a new Roadshow consultant who teaches a class that runs drivers Hermes Purse Uk

Ray: "But the logic is actually sound. Putting tires with brand new tread on the front certainly would help you get started in the snow. But having worn out tires on the rear could cause the rear end to slide out when you try to turn or stop."

Tom: "It does sound crazy at first. It also sounds suspicious, because it provides a highly convenient argument for selling two extra tires. When we first heard about this policy, we said: That's a fraud! It's a blatant rip off!"

know if you have the answer, but you are the go to guy on most anything auto. Do you know anything about any laws on selling tires concerning their age?

Hermes Lindy Gray

´╗┐How to steer out of a skid

"The common jargon for recovering from a skid has always been confusing. No one knows what is meant by steering into a skid or steering in the direction of a skid. Here's what we use, and our students seem to easily understand. Look where you want to go, then steer and drive where you want to go. The body tends to naturally react to where you are looking. Keep your vision looking down the road and just drive the car there. It works."

Hermes Lindy Gray

Attendant: "May I see your receipt?"

Tom: "And since you can steer the front wheels, you have a better chance of maintaining control of the car if the front wheels slide Hermes Lindy Gray than if the rear wheels slide. Once the back end starts to slide, it's a lot harder to control the car and an accident is often the result."

A The attendant was right. Stations do not have to provide free air and water for nonpaying customers, but they do for paying customers.

Hermes Lindy Gray

Paul HustonA There is no law that covers this, but most tire companies end their warranties after six years. When the rubber is that old, the tires are not as flexible.

Hermes Lindy Gray

Attendant: "I can't turn it on."

Ray: "Tire manufacturers and safety people now recommend that your better set of tires go on the back, even if you have a front wheel drive car."

Whoa. That last comment grabbed my attention. Jeff says some drivers insist that new tires should go on the front, especially on front wheel drive vehicles. I remember a Car Talk discussion about this by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi on National Public Radio and tracked it down:

Sally Pyle

Hermes Lindy Gray

Hermes Lindy Gray

Attendant: "Chevron won't let us do that."

Q There have been several letters lately about what you should do if your car starts to skid, and whether you should steer in the direction of the skid or in the opposite direction (the consensus is in the direction of the skid). I think that the confusion arises over what is "the direction of the skid." If my car starts to spin clockwise, I would consider the direction of the skid to be to the right. But reading several articles on the Web tends to indicate in a clockwise spin, the direction of the skid is left because Hermes Card Holder

that is the direction that the rear wheels are going. So, forget about the direction of the skid. If I am spinning clockwise, do I turn the steering wheel left or right?

Hermes Lindy Gray

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