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Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

As adults, roughly 70 per cent of your brain power is inherited from your parents, but experts believe that intelligence isn't just down to parental genes and what happens to you in life from the moment you are conceived can make a difference.

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

So how do they claim to work?

But whether or not all this effort actually does alter a child's intelligence has yet to be proved.

ingredients during this period of growth, perhaps the most important being food and, in particular, fat. As the brain is made of up 60 per cent fatty chemicals, to sustain brain growth, babies need a diet of 50 per cent fat.

"A lot of these products focus on developing the auditory system. It has been proved that a baby can hear in the womb and can learn to distinguish sounds and voices before birth, but whether you can develop their intelligence through this is hard to establish.

External factors also play a vital role during this period, for although each child is unique, all babies have one thing in common they are learning all the time.

"As a result there are a number of products now on the market which claim they can help to do this, although to date there is no evidence that you can, or whether it is a good thing to do.

Even in the womb, nutrition and your mother's hormones can make a difference and, while big babies are more likely to be more clever and premature Toolbox Hermes Bag

By the time babies are just 11 months old they can learn what novel words mean after only hearing them a few times, which leads many experts to believe that exposure to lots of new things to feed the brain must be a good thing.

But is it possible to increase or indeed decrease your child's intelligence by exposing them to different experiences, or is it something that is fixed by our genes?

There are Baby Einstein packs which contain video tapes of shapes and sequences for your babbling baby to stare at as well as CDs of Mozart's music to help boost their intelligence.

"Certain countries and cultures do exert pressure on children, with varying degrees of success. In America, there is the belief that children are naturally gifted, while in Japan there is a strong pressure on putting every effort into everything you do.

and small babies generally less intelligent, this is not something set in stone.

Despite this, parents are trying more than ever to maximise the learning potential of their little ones educating them from infancy, armed with a wide range of teaching aids. Consumer Editor ANDREA THURLBECK reports on this phenomenon for parents to hothouse children and unlock their potential for learning from just months after they are born.

essentially a child's sensory experiences sight, sounds, smells, touches drive 100 billion brain cells to hook up with each other.

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

Therefore experts believe that childhood is really one big "window of opportunity" for powerful learning once thought beyond the reach of kids.

"But nobody yet knows whether or not hot housing children is a good thing it could lead to parents concentrating on aspects of their children's development at the expense of others.

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

Well Hermes Constance Trench

Building on this theory, manufacturers have produced special learning packs that can be introduced to your child from birth.

A NEW report from America claims that having children lowers your IQ levels.

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In America, the notion has taken hold as parents have leapt at the opportunity to increase their child's intelligence with something as wholesome as classical music.

During the first year of life your brain grows at an incredible speed, going from a quarter to three quarters of the size of an adult brain by the time you are one.

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

There are also several programmes for parents to follow as their child develops, with the aim of maximising their child's potential.

She said: "When a baby is in the womb, their brain has infinite neurons, some of which do die off after birth, because they have not made connections with other neurons.

These brain connections synapses process sensory input, learn it and hardwire it into the brain. The more a child is exposed to, the faster the brain makes connections and starts to learn.

Dr Marion Farmer, senior lecturer in developmental psychology at the University of Northumbria, believes it is hard to measure whether experiences in the first year of life can turn someone with the genes for genius into a failure, and someone less blessed into a success.

"Consequently some people believe that we should try to keep these neurons alive by stimulating the baby, even when it is within the womb.

"It's also unknown whether or not such a degree of stimulus is a good thing. Certainly parents are encouraged to stimulate young babies by talking and playing with them, to help their vocabulary develop and learn about the world about them, but how far do Hermes Birkin Bag Blue you take this?

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

´╗┐How to increase your child's intelligence

Hermes Birkin Bag Blue

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