Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

Think about that for a minute, because it's kind of counter intuitive. and it's also not what you normally hear from women. Typically, you are always hearing the message that "women want a lover who puts HER needs first."

Obviously there are many amazing things you Hermes Bag Styles

Now before you go off and and become the guy who comes in three pumps and then goes to order a pizza. That's NOT what I'm talking about either. What I AM talking about is a guy who KNOWS what he wants and isn't afraid to get his woman to do those things. Women are turned on by men who are masculine and confident enough to be unashamed of what they want, and GO FOR IT. And, coincidentally, this will also make it much better sex for her too.

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

Every woman has her own erotic map of places on her body that turn her on. For example, some women will go wild with lust if you nibble their earlobes. and some women will just find it annoying. Finding the spots on her body that drive her crazy is part of the fun of love making.

Obviously, on Hermes Constance Bag Colors

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

can do to her with your fingers and tongue. And for giving a woman her first orgasm, the tongue is probably superior to the penis. But for the most amazing sex she's ever had in her life, you will need to have control over your erection.

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

And guess what? That statement is WRONG.

Controlling your body is something that she sees as a masculine and powerful characteristic. And that, unfortunately, means that if you CAN'T control yourself, she'll feel that you are a bit less manly. and this will affect her sexual attraction to you. her desire to BE sexual with you. And that's true even if you can give her a hundred multiple orgasms with your tongue.

That's not quite right either.

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

And this is only possible through the final piece of the puzzle.

So how do we make all of this happen?

And that thing about how women don't like men who are "selfish in bed".

But I'm looking for the ESSENTIALS. the most important factors that are underneath ALL of the best techniques; not just the technique itself, but WHY it works. The idea is to be able to explain to guys EXACTLY how and why these things work so that they can confidently make any woman experience amazing sexual pleasure in bed. Once you've read this article, if you want to know more (and I know you will!) then I strongly suggest you grab a copy of Orgasm on Command this guide will keep her coming, and coming back for more!

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

If you are with a woman who is very orgasmic and can easily have multiple orgasms from any sexual position this will EXPLODE her beliefs about how much sexual pleasure she is capable of experiencing. And, by the way, it will blow your mind to find out how much more powerful your own orgasms will become as well.

This is both the most difficult and, by far, the most important part of giving a woman her most incredible experience in the bedroom. If you are with a woman who has never had an orgasm before, THIS is how you will give her her first.

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

the most basic level, you have just GOT to know where things are on a woman's body. That means that you can confidently and quickly locate things like the clitoris, the g spot, the cervix, the labia, etc. If you don't have that part completely handled, then you can very quickly find the information online by typing any of those words into google. This is basic, "must know" information.

There are many, many things that you can do (or that she can do to herself) that will give her an orgasm. and I'll bet that over the years, couples have come up with all kinds of very strange and amazing techniques of their own that they enjoy and that are specific to their relationship.

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

The more advanced stuff to know about her anatomy is not universal for every woman so you will have to do some exploring.

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

"Connection" is a complex subject and a complex skill Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur and that's why so few men can do it. which is why so few men are any good in bed. and also why so many women have never had an orgasm.

to "C". but if this is a challenge in your life, STOP reading now and go HERE. All the info you need to get this dealt with once can be found there.

If you happen to be a guy with challenges in this area, I have some news for you that you may find difficult to believe but it's a fact: This is the EASIEST part of being great in bed.

´╗┐How To Give a Woman an Orgasm in 3 Simple Steps

I've boiled down the basic, ESSENTIAL principles to three categories that conveniently work with the easy to remember name of.

Because it's the part that is TOTALLY in your control. It's YOUR body, and YOU can control it. If you are shaking your head and saying, "but I CAN'T!" Please slap yourself hard across the face and get a grip on yourself. Yes, you can. It may take some work, some practice, some courage. but you absolutely can. Other men have overcome this challenge and so can you.

Okay, so moving along. the other reason that controlling your erection is so important is that while you can give her an orgasm with your tongue when you give her an orgasm while you are INSIDE of her body, and face to face it creates a magic intimacy for her that can't be replaced. And the feelings and emotions this creates inside of her are what will release even more powerful orgasms and take her to places that no other man has ever taken her to.

Sure it's the kind of thing that women will nod in agreement to if you say it. but really, if you talk to them more, if you dig deeper, they will admit that they don't want a guy who is just catering to her needs. She wants YOU to enjoy the experience just as much as you want HER to enjoy the experience. She doesn't want a guy who is so wrapped up in whether or not SHE is enjoying it, that he acts nervous or gives away all of his masculine power to her.

I'm going to be posting another article on this site with specific tips on how. I'm not going further into this article because I've got to get Constance Hermes Size

Hermes Kelly 25 Rose Jaipur

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