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Lavender L. angustifolia is the only lavender that reliably survives Indiana winters. Other lavender varieties are not hardy in Hermes Toolbox Price our area.


Q: I have several strange looking growths coming up in my yard and mulched area of my landscape. One of them is bright orange. What are these things and will they cause problems for my other plants?

Parsley Petroselinum crispum is a biennial and, although it will usually come back the second year, the leaves will be bitter. It is best to sow seed each spring.

These herbs generally can be left in the ground:

A: There is quite a variety of these fungi, and it is generally agreed these weird (sometimes disgusting looking) things will not harm your other plants. Their spores grow in wet areas, such as mulched flowerbeds, or in areas of the lawn where there are decaying roots are underground.

The orange one you mentioned might be fungus, Omphalotus olearius, which almost glows in the dark its color is so intense. Some folks look forward to seeing this one pop up again, as it can grow to as much as 2 feet wide or more. By the way, none of these fungi are edible.

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herb plants with winter coming

Oregano, thyme, French tarragon, sage and chives

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Chamomile C. nobile (this herb is most often grown to dry and use to make tea)

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and use it as a home science project for the kids.

A: Since I don't know which herbs you have in your garden, I hope the following list will help. It is representative of perennial herbs people in our area have in their gardens. I'll follow that list with annuals that you need to take cuttings of, save seed or pot up and take indoors before frost.

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Q: I planted an herb garden this year and threw away the tags. I did learn their names, but now I can't remember which herbs I can leave in the garden over the winter and which need to be potted up and taken in the house. Can you help me?

Mints of all kinds and lemon balm (All these are invasive and should be grown in containers and not allowed to set seed.)

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Q: I have two cats as pets and was wondering what houseplants would be safe for them to be around.

They have several names that describe them perfectly, such as vomit fungus, which is a slime mold and looks like its name. This lies on top of the mulch and goes through several transformations, each uglier than the last, until it has made more spores. You can easily remove it and throw it in the trash or let it go Hermes Lindy 26 Grey

Cats love to dig, shred and climb so having live plants can be a challenge. When in doubt, buy beautiful artificial leaves and blooms from your nearest craft Hermes Handbag

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