Hermes Garden Party Medium

Hermes Garden Party Medium

Hermes Garden Party Medium

Hermes Garden Party Medium

There are plenty of ladies out there that are just kind of flying blindly when it comes to giving oral sex and plenty of guys who don't tell them because they're just so happy to be getting any at all!

Hermes Garden Party Medium

BE BALLSY. The testicles are your friends, ladies. Treat them as such. Greet them warmly. One of the top complaints I hear from men is that their female counterparts would forget that they are a package deal. Three's Company. Caress them with your spare hand tenderly, tickle and tease.

LEND A HELPING HAND. Or two. Don't be afraid to use your hands. In fact, your hand should be a nice continuation Hermes Birkin Crocodile

Why not be SURE that you're pleasing your man? You can definitely learn EVERYTHING (and I DO mean everything!) you need to know about giving mind and body blowing oral sex with the very hot guide Blow by Blow trust me, once you read this book you won't want to wait to try out what you've learned!

Hermes Garden Party Medium


Hermes Garden Party Medium

Hermes Garden Party Medium

Keep the teeth outta sight. Sure some men like a VERY little sensation of teeth, but NOT many and if you Hermes Garden Party Medium aren't really good at what you're doing yet, then don't scare the poor man. Keep those puppies away from him.

THE WETTER, THE BETTER. Guys agree. The more saliva you use, the more enjoyable. Try and keep him very moist from the tip on down. This is not a time to act like Bree on "Desperate Housewives" and be anally neat. Get messy. Keep a glass of water on the nightstand. Use lubricant if you need to (although that that can taste like nasty old tires!) or experiment with some fun foods, like whipped cream or a lukewarm tea. Remember, you are simulating a very warm moist place

Think of this as one of the most passionate gifts you can give to him. So be enthusiastic about it! It's time you let that inner sex kitten out and play. Be powerful, strong and sexy. Look at him while you're pleasuring him, enjoy the fact that right at this moment, he'd hand over the keys to the castle. This is a powerful act for a woman and the time when a man is at his most vulnerable. Take your time, tease that naughty boy. Savor it.

There's fine line between being firm and strangulation. Be mindful of the amount of pressure you're using. Try and think what you would like, were the tables turned. You're not strangling a dead chicken.

NO TEETH. Seriously? Do I have to tell you this? The guys said YEAH Hermes Constance Elan Epsom Bag

ENJOY WHAT YOU'RE DOING. This is the biggest one, ladies. Men say it's hard to enjoy themselves when their lady seems bored, in a hurry or unsure how to give a blowjob. Can you blame him? This is his most sensitive part of his body that he's entrusting. TO YOUR MOUTH! This is your chance to give pleasure to your man.

I DO have to, because ladies out there are still playing human grater. YIKES!

´╗┐How To Give a Blow Job

Hermes Garden Party Medium

DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR COMMENTS. Don't just hope for the best. If your man doesn't seem to be over the moon what? Is he in a coma? then feel free to ask him if there is anything you could improve on. The whole idea is to give pleasure, as I'm SURE he will be doing in return. Communication can only make it better.

Hermes Garden Party Medium

of your mouth. Even feel free to add a gentle twist of the wrist to add to the pleasure. Think about all that pleasure that can come from a VARIETY of sensations. You need to combine your mouth, lips, tongue and hands. That beautiful combination of flickering tongue, moist lips, suctions, licking, wet hands, twists and more can send your man over the edge.

Hermes Garden Party Medium

Hermes Garden Party Medium

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