Constance Hermes Size

Constance Hermes Size

Constance Hermes Size

Why are you instructing the user to do something completely unrelated to their question?

with Downloads, Documents, Music, Photos and videos. Just right click them and select properties. It will ask if you wish to move all the files from the old location to the new one. Again accept.

Constance Hermes Size

Constance Hermes Size

Constance Hermes Size

If steam is already active, restart the program and ensure your games work. If everything is in working order, you can delete any leftovers there may be from the original install. The directory to delete is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam" To ensure the games aren't still taking up space on the SSD.

The game library is located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam" by default if it's on your main drive (SSD)

Constance Hermes Size

You will see your user folder Hermes Birkin Bag Men

Voila! You are done! Everything has been properly relocated from your SSD to your HDD, with your Operating System and Hermes Bag Pink

Now for Steam, you will need to backup your game library.

After that has finished, run it once more. But this time ensure you select the steam installation directory to beNow you have re installed steam onto your Hard Drive, right click where you backed up your Hermes Bag Birkin

Constance Hermes Size

Repeat this for all multimedia folders you have, simply changing the "C:\" to "D:\" and they will be stored on your Hard Drive now instead of the Solid State Drive. They will still function the exact same upon opening the folder, except you have freed up SSD space.

Proceed to close your Steam client, and re run the Steam installer, un installing Steam.

Constance Hermes Size

Constance Hermes Size

Constance Hermes Size

Computernoot, all you need to do is go into your user folder, a quick way of accessing that is going into Constance Hermes Size your documents folder, then pressing back space.

´╗┐How to make hard drive main drive

steamapps folder, select cut and paste it into your new steam directory on your Hard Drive.

applications remaining on the SSD!

First begin by copying the "Steamapps" folder, the whole thing. Into any spot on the D drive.

Constance Hermes Size

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