Silver Plated Amethyst Trinity Knot Pendant Presented In A Box

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In an Irish monastery many centuries ago the Celtic Trinity Knot was created on the pages of illuminated manuscripts. Stopping only to eat and pray monks would work with infinite care to illustrate the gospels. This patience and devotion produced the richly decorated knot work which today is instantly recognisable as Irish. Celtic culture is interwoven with stories and the Celtic Knot tells a tale of enduring love. It reflects the convergence of mind body and spirit- a message which is as powerful and mystical today as it was in those ancient times. Today the Book of Kells remains a testimony to the artistry which produced this lasting legacy. The twists and turns of the Celtic knot symbolises the timeless nature of the human spirit. With no beginning and no end this intricate decoration is a sign of eternal life and never ending love.

Amethyst Designs have incorporated this symbol into their pendant collection. Plated with silver it is an elegant gift.

  • Silver Plated
  • Chain 18 (46cm)
  • Pendant 2cm x 1.5cm
  • One Size